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Processos de intera o social do setor elétrico brasileiro e da legisla o ambiental: entre o mundo sistêmico e as racionalidades do mundo da vida

Keywords: brazilian electric sector , environmental laws , social interaction , lifeworld , instrumental action.

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The article proposes a reflection about Brazilian Electric Sector and the environmental laws in Brazil with regard to establishment of social interaction process during the planning, the debate and theimplementation of development projects. It presents an assessment of the Brazilian Electric Sector institutional context in the nineties, time when the participation of the private capital in the Sector wasallowed. The article also presents an assessment of the environmental laws, mainly of the public participation when the Sector projects are debated. To deal with this theme, the author uses the concepts developmented by Habermas and Touraine, like instrumental action, lifeworld, system, communicative action and the construction individual process.


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