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Problem Based Learning (PBL): Analysis of Continuous Stirred Tank Chemical Reactors with a Process Control Approach

Keywords: Bifurcation , Equilibrium Point , Hysteresis , PBL , and Phase Portrait

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This work is focused on a project that integrates the curriculum such as thermodynamic, chemical reactorengineering, linear algebra, differential equations and computer programming. The purpose is thatstudents implement the most knowledge and tools to analyse the stirred tank chemical reactor as a simpledynamic system. When the students finished this practice they should have learned about analysis ofdynamic system through bifurcation analysis, hysteresis phenomena, find equilibrium points, stabilitytype, and phase portrait. Once the steps were accomplished, we concluded that the purpose wassatisfactorily reached with an increment in creative ability. The student showed a bigger interesting inthis practice, since they worked in group. The most important fact is that the percentage of failure amongstudents was 10%. Finally, using alternative teaching-learning process improves the Mexican systemeducation.


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