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Load Balancing Management by Efficient Controlling Mobiles Agents

Keywords: distributed computing , load balancing , mobiles agents.

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Load balancing is a computer networkingmethodology which allows the distribution of the workloadacross multiple computers or computing devices, such as centralprocessing units, disk drives, or other resources, to reach optimalresource utilization, reduce response time, maximize throughputand circumvent overload. The Use of multiple computers withload balancing, instead of a single computer, may increasereliability through redundancy.Our contribution outlines the adaptation of the Shadowapproach used to control mobiles agents for developing a loadbalancing management algorithm in distributed systems. Thisapproach does not only distribute the loads on the nodes andcollect its running result, but it also manages the tasks executionplaces during all the execution time. Thereby, we get a selforganizedload balancing infrastructure.


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