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Need to Empower Nigerian Children and Youths through Information Technology

Keywords: Information Technology , Youth , Empowerment , Information and Communication Technology

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Technology has become the driving force ofchange in the modern world. It has altered our economicstructures and ways we communicate. Information is only one ofour needs. Email, satellites can not be sustituted for drugs;neither can they provide clean water. Massive access to theInternet and ICT can accelerate awareness of these needs and willalso facilitate development of solutions to tackle these needseffectively by empowering the youth of this country that are ourfuture hopes. The information highways is leaving the Africanyouth (Nigeria not excluded) poorer in ICT knowledge, skills andglobal reach. Thousands of young people in Nigeria leave schoolwith the hope of developing a career and sustainable life that oftenturns into an illusion. The paper looks at the benefits of youthempowering, takes a review of youth empowerment initiatives inother developing countries and presents an approach ofempowering Nigeria youths that are future leaders of tomorrow.With this we will move from the realm of educational inadequacyto that of unlimited resources.


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