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Keywords: Urban Planning , Strategic Spatial Planning , Planning Approaches

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A central goal of urban policy and planning is to improve the living conditions and wellbeing of city dwellers. Nevertheless, many people experience a declining quality of life and this is intimately connected with environmental, spatial and socio-economic conditions. Many cities, for example, are experiencing a high incidence of pollution and stress related illnesses linked to poor industrial and transport planning, poor housing quality, underemployment and poverty. Access to basic services and community support is being undermined by changes in the spatial structure of settlements, especially increased dependence on car transport and land-use segregation. Urban and regional planning has a critical role to play in improving people's and cities’ wellbeing, quality of life and futures. Here, “urban planning" is used throughout this paper to describe the process by which the use of land in cities is regulated in the public interest. Governments throughout Europe have established systems intended to achieve this. The evolution of these systems within different cultural and institutional frameworks has led to variation in the terminology used to describe the process. Examples include urbanisme or amenagement du territoire in France, town planning in Great Britain, Raumordnung in Germany, urbanistica in Italy and “ ehircilik” in Turkey. This term includes land-use planning, town and country planning, physical planning, urban and regional planning, territorial planning and space management systems. This document focuses primarily on urban issues and therefore uses "urban planning" as an umbrella term. In addition, "urban planning" has the potential to reflect the implications of land-use strategies, policies and programmes for the social, economic and physical environments. On this context, strategic spatial planning is appeared a new and recent approach in planning. So, new urban planning approaches are discussed on and strategic spatial planning approach is explained to be detailed and comprehensive in.


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