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Development of Laparoscopic Skills using a New Inexpensive Webcam Trainer

Keywords: Laparoscopy , web cam trainer , surgical skills

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Evaluation of the effectiveness of a cheaper newly developed web cam trainer to assist surgeons in developing basic laparoscopic skills in comparison to other inexpensive trainers was our objective to make this study. This newly developed web cam trainer consists of a web cam (equipped with a light source and light sensor), a foam box and a home computer. This homemade trainer was compared to the cardboard trainer developed by End urology Institute, Cedars-Sini Medical Center, which consists of a web cam, a cardboard box, a desk lamp and a home computer. A total of twelve participants at the National Institute of Urology and Nephrology, Cairo, Egypt were divided into two groups each using both trainers to perform basic tasks (pattern cutting and suturing the skin of a raw chicken). Time of the participants to perform each task was used to evaluate the effectiveness of both trainers (performance time). Statistical analysis of the 3 tasks comparing between this web cam trainer and the cardboard web trainer, developed by end urology Institute, Cedars-Sini Medical Canter, showed no statistical significance between both web trainers during performing task 1 (p = 0.590), but there was significant statistical difference during performing tasks 2 and 3 (p≤0.001). We conclude that this web cam pelvitrainer simulates for novice laparoscopists an easier way to develop basic laparoscopy skills without the need for expensive instruments and specialized training centers. In addition, the ability to review recorded tasks allows the trainee to learn their mistakes and how to overcome them. It is also superior to the cardboard trainer in performing tasks requiring complex skills.


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