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Types of Land Degradation in Bhutan

Keywords: Land degradation , Effect of land degradation

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There is a growing global awareness that land degradation isas much a threat to environmental well–being as moreobvious forms of damage, such as air and water pollution (e.g.Greenland & Szalbocs, 1994; Conacher, 2001). Although thesource of land degradation is usually local, its effects oftenstretch for considerable distances from the source site. It canimpact large areas and many people. Governments, NGO’sand community groups therefore have the right and duty tobe concerned, and to intervene and assist where needed.Because of its topography and altitude, Bhutan hasinherently limited resources of productive land. Moreover,the predominantly steep slopes put these resources atparticular risk from some forms of degradation. Landdegradation is therefore an even more serious threat inBhutan than in most places. This is recognised in policy,vision, and review documents, such as the Biodiversity ActionPlan (MOA, 1998), the National Environment Strategy (NEC,1998), and Bhutan 2020.


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