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Keywords: Ayurveda , Russia , United Kingdom

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Ayurveda, the centuries old health knowledge of India, is being increasingly recognized by the rest of the world. India has been recognized as central point of attraction as the seat of Teaching and Researches in Ayurveda. As back as 2nd Century BC, India has attracted the attention of the whole world through its great knowledge bank of ancient Indian wisdoms, mainly Ayurveda. Evidences reveal that the students from Far East and even Europe were coming to the University of Takshashila to learn Ayurveda. In 2nd-7th Century AD, University of Nalanda and Kashi offered Ayurvedic courses for the students from Japan, China etc. Recently, in the last decade, this Science has got a very big boost in the West, because of its holistic approach and great success in handling the psychosomatic ailments and also for the promotion of positive Health. It has gained popularity in Europe and America in a much distorted form because of Panchakarma therapy. World health organization explored the potentiality of Ayurveda and has recognized it as an alternate system of medicine. Based on this, several European countries have also given the same status and so many individualistic attempts have been made to institutionalize the study of Ayurveda.


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