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Optimization of process parameters for decolorization of anaerobically digested Molasses Spent Wash (MSW) using Aspergillus niger and Activated carbon

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Discharge of colored industrial effluent in water streams or on to the land is a matter of great concern as it is first perception to be noticed by the receptor. Molasses based alcohol producing distilleries generate characteristically dark brown color due to the presence of melanoidin pigment which is not only the cause of aesthetical displeasure but also having harmful consequence due to its recalcitrant nature. In the present study, we did the initial characterization followed by batch mode studies using activated carbon and Aspergillus niger to decolorize anaerobically digested MSW. We found that decolorization efficiency of activated wood saw dust was up to 99%, at adsorbent dosage of 5g/100 ml of effluent, pH 7, and contact time of 30 minutes at room temperature. Whereas A. niger showed its ability to decolorize anaerobically digested MSW up to 71% at day 4, when effluent was diluted at the rate of 50%, supplemented with external carbon (3% glucose) and phosphate source (0.1% K HPO ).


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