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Embedding a Noise Gate Pedal in an Instrument to Avoid Unwanted Noises

Keywords: Noise gate , noises , removal , embedded , dynamics , attack level

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In music there are many types of modifications that are done on the sounds such as filters, overdrive, dynamics, volume, pitch and ambience. The noise gate is one such effect which falls under the category of dynamics. Noise gate is something which helps in cutting of unwanted sounds be it below a certain level or be it at a particular decibel level. The level from which it can be cut off or from which it should be cut off is called the threshold level. There are three main functions that are present in a noise gate-threshold, attack, decay. The attack and the decay levels can be pre programmed or controlled by different equipment. Let us say that the attack levels are the same as what it is programmed in the other stomp boxes, effects or amplifiers or all three put together. The value of attack does not affect the noise gate. Our primary concern is to attenuate the unwanted sounds that are being generated.


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