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Design of AXI-PCIE Interface for Industrial Ethernet Applications

Keywords: carrier sense multiple access , advanced extensible interface , Ethernet , peripheral component interconnect express

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The tremendous growth of Ethernet in the field of communication networks has enabled various applications in industries with greater performance and accuracy. Ethernet’s consistency and integrated communication capabilities are used in various industrial applications where timing is of a major concern. In spite of these ubiquitous trends of Ethernet, Carrier Sense Multiple Access/Collision Detection (CSMA/CD) and combinational mechanisms are some of the contradictory mechanisms in real time industrial applications. Although it plays a vital role in avoiding collisions between different environments, it uses more of the critical time in processing, which is non-affordable in real time scenarios. Hence, the need for an Industrial Ethernet that employs the traditional features of Ethernet with real time capabilities is very much in demand. In this study, an Industrial Ethernet module-soft Intellectual Property (IP) core design is proposed, it meets the various specifications of Ethernet with the time specific features for real time applications.


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