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Automated Agricultural Process Using PLC and ZigBee

Keywords: programmable logic controller , Wireless sensor networks , ZigBee , graphical user interface , level sensors , photoelectric sensors

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Agriculture is the backbone of Indian Economy. Because without agriculture living is impossible since agriculture produces the main source of food for us. But in today’s situation the availability of labour for carrying out agricultural activities is rare. The automation in all kind of industries leads to industrial growth. Here agricultural process is automated. In this proposed system all the machines to work on its own with the help of inputs received from the sensors which are monitoring the agricultural land round the clock and a single person is enough to monitor whether everything going normal. The entire process is controlled and monitored by programmable logic controller. Above process is transmitted to the user using ZigBee network. Agricultural process involves seeding, ploughing, irrigation, planting, fertilizing, weeding, harvesting. Here three processes can be implemented. The main objective is even a professionals can work in the agricultural field. This idea is implemented in future there is remarkable change in the agricultural field. In general the manual cultivation for one acre of land requires money of around Rs. 15,000-17,000 but due to this technique we reduce the cost and is nearly Rs. 9,000-10,000 only and also the yield is high when compared to normal one.


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