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Design and Development of Temperature Control System in Induction Furnace using LPC2148 and XBee

Keywords: industries , Furnace , LPC2148 , XBee , temperature

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In forging and rolling industries, the furnace is used for melting. The temperature of the furnace is controlled by supplying air-fuel combination, flow of electron, inflow of coal etc. Depends on the type of furnace it will vary. The temperature is measured by using pyrometer type sensors or any contact type sensors. Fully automated furnace, temperature is measured and transmitted to control room through a wired connection. Similarly control on furnace also carried out by wired connections from the control room. In wired network, transmission between control room and furnace and vice versa needs lengthy and confusing wire connections. Installation cost is also high. In this proposed study, the amplified value of the temperature sensor is transmitted to the controller unit by radio frequency waves. For transmission highly secured XBee is used. The controller unit receives the temperature serially by using another XBee module. The controller unit displays the temperature locally. Controlling value of the flow of electrons is transmitted to another controller using the XBee module. So that temperature of the furnace is maintained with ±1°C. In the entire process LPC2148 processor is used. By implementing this technique accident due to operator carelessness can be reduced. This technique is easy to implement and also acquired at low cost.


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