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BMB Reports  2012 

1H NMR-based metabolite profiling of diet-induced obesity in a mouse mode

Keywords: Etabolomics , High-fat diet , High-carbohydrate diet , Metabolite profiling , 1H NMR

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High-fat diets (HFD) and high-carbohydrate diets (HCD)-induced obesity through different pathways, but the metabolicdifferences between these diets are not fully understood.Therefore, we applied proton nuclear magnetic resonance (1HNMR)-based metabolomics to compare the metabolic patternsbetween C57BL/6 mice fed HCD and those fed HFD. Principalcomponent analysis derived from 1H NMR spectra of urineshowed a clear separation between the HCD and HFD groups.Based on the changes in urinary metabolites, the slow rate ofweight gain in mice fed the HCD related to activation of thetricarboxylic acid cycle (resulting in increased levels of citrateand succinate in HCD mice), while the HFD affected nicotinamidemetabolism (increased levels of 1-methylnicotineamide,nicotinamide-N-oxide in HFD mice), which leads to systemicoxidative stress. In addition, perturbation of gut microflorametabolism was also related to different metabolic patterns ofthose two diets. These findings demonstrate that 1H NMRbasedmetabolomics can identify diet-dependent perturbationsin biological pathways.


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