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An Expert System Realization of Adaptive Autonomy in Electric Utility Management Automation

Keywords: power distribution automation , level of autonomy , Human-automation interaction , expert′s judgment , performance shaping factors

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Earlier we introduced a novel framework for implementation of Adaptive Autonomy (AA). This study presents an expert system realization of the AA framework, referred to as Adaptive Autonomy Expert System (AAES). The proposed AAES is based on the extracted rules from the Expert’s Judgment on proper Levels of Automation (LOA) for various environmental conditions, modeled as Performance Shaping Factors (PSFs). Decision fusion method is used as expert system inference engine, where eight decision fusion methods are developed as prospective ones. The AAES is realized in the practical case of electric power Utility Management Automation (UMA) for the Greater Tehran Electricity Distribution Company (GTEDC). The practical list of PSFs and the judgments of GTEDC’s experts are used as the expert system rule base in this research. The results of implementing the proposed AAES to GTEDC’s network are evaluated according to two criteria: average error and error margin. Five out of eight decision fusion methods are proven to be suitable inference engines, due to both criteria. Evaluation of the results shows that the proposed AAES can estimate proper LOAs for GTEDC’s UMA system, which change due to the changes in PSFs; thus providing a dynamic (adaptive) LOA scheme for UMA.


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