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2. Sonourethrography in the evaluation of anterior urethral stricture: correlation with retrograde urethrography in male

Keywords: Anterior urethra , Penis , Ultra sound , Urethrography

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Purpose of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of sonourethrography (SUG) in detection and evaluation of anterior urethral strictures in male compared with retrograde urethrography (RUG). 50 male patients with clinically suspected benign anterior urethral stricture were subjected to RUG followed by SUG performed independently by different observer and subsequently correlated with operative findings. 50 patients with a diagnosis of urethral stricture were evaluated. Short segment, intermediate and long segment urethral stricture were detected were detected by RUG in 13,17,10 patients respectively as compared to 15,18,13 patients by SUG respectively. Sensitivity for detection of short, intermediate and long segment stricture with sonourethrography was 100%, 90.9%; & 88.2% respectively as compared to 88.23%; 83.3%, & 65.2% respectively on retrograde urethrography. Apart from stricture, mucosal, submucosal and periurethral soft tissue abnormalities could be followed up by sonourethrography as compared to retrograde urethrography. Mucosal abnormalities could be detected by SUG in 30% cases as compared to 10% by RUG, submucosal abnormalities were detected in 18% by SUG as opposed to none in RUG & spongiofibrosis was detected in 50% of case by SUG as opposed to none by RUG. SUG could detect diverticulas in 14% as against 8% by RUG and false tract in 6% cases by SUG as against 2% by SUG. Sonourethrography is highly sensitive for and accurate predictor of anterior urathral stricture for the detection of site and length of stricture for planning surgery and should be preferred diagnostic procedure. Retrograde urethrography underestimated the length of stricture in most of the cases. In addition, periurethral soft tissues can be well assessed by sonourethrography.


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