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An Artificial Story about the Study of the mind; looking for its “object”.

Keywords: neuropsychology , mind history , brain studies , history of psychology , history of psychiatry

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At different points of human history, the place where knowledge, thoughts and emotions are originated., has been looked for. Affirming for instance, that human beings think with the kidneys, the heart, the liver, or even with the blood, given that if great amount of this was lost, was also lost the consciousness. Along with the technological advances, “mind researchers”, are more and more convinced of achieving a complete scientific explanation of mind functioning. Nevertheless, the fact, that technology is only a tool and not a discipline itself, must not be forgotten and therefore before marvelling blindly ourselves by these advances, our duty is to make an observation in perspective about the historical development of any discipline. Like a way to contribute with the academic formation, anhistorical revision of diverse landmarks associated with the study of the brain and the mind is made, reformulating its influences within the genesis and evolution of disciplines like; medicine, philosophy, neurology, psychiatry and psychology.


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