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Fungal Association and Deterioration of Chemical Constituents of Oroxylum indicum (Vent.) Roots Under the Influence of Different Relative Humidity

Keywords: Deterioration , Chemical constituents , Mycoflora , Oroxylum indicum

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In the present study, total 14 fungal species were found to be associated with Oroxylum indicum Vent. rootssuch as,Fusariumsolani,F. reticulatum,F. equiseti,F oxysporum,F. semitectum,F. acuminatum,Rhizopus oryzae,A. niger,A. parasiticus,Cunningamellaelegans,Syncephalestrum racemosum,Chaetomium indicum,Trichodermasp.and Papulaspora immerse.Out ofthese 14 fungi,Trichoderma sp. and Fusarium solanishowed highest % incidence while minimum % incidence recorded in caseofChaetomium indicum and Cunningamella elegans.The drug stored under the influence of different relative humidities viz. 30,50, 75, 96 and 100% showed variation in % of occurrence as well as deterioration of the chemical constituents such as proteins,phenols, alkaloids and glycosides. The drug stored under 96and100% RH showed maximum deterioration of chemicalconstituents.


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