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Performance of Silver Coated Copper Tool with Kerosene-servotherm Dielectric in EDM of Monel 400TM

Keywords: tool wear rate , dielectric medium , Electrical discharge machining , surface roughness , material removal rate

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Technologies to improve the material removal rate and reduce the tool removal rate, achieve the good surface finish and dimensional accuracy are very demanding in electrical discharge machining (EDM). The work focused on comparing performance of optimum silver coated copper tool electrode with conventionally used copper tool electrode using optimum proportionate kerosene-servotherm and commercial grade EDM oil in electrical discharge machining of Monel 400TM. The optimum thickness of silver coating over the copper tool electrode and optimum proportionate Kerosene-Servotherm dielectric were developed experimentally. The copper tool electrode with silver coating of five microns reported slightly more material removal rate, very low tool wear rate, better dimensional accuracy and good surface finish than copper tool electrode with Kerosene-Servotherm (75:25) dielectric.


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