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Parametric Study of Bonded, Riveted and Hybrid Composite Joints Using FEA

Keywords: hybrid joint , Composite materials , FEA-ANSYS 11 , bonded joint , riveted joint

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The composite structural members are highly used in the following applications such as aerospace, automobiles, robotic arms, architecture etc., has attracted extensive attention in the past decades. One of the important issues in the composite technology is the repairing of aging of aircraft structures. In such applications and also for joining various composite parts together, they are fastened together either using adhesives or mechanical fasteners. Modeling and static analysis of 3-D models of the joints (bonded, riveted and hybrid) were carried out using ANSYS 11 FEA software. The results were interpreted in terms of Von Mises stress. A parametric study was also conducted to compare the performance of the hybrid joint with varying adherent thickness, adhesive thickness and overlap length. To utilize the full potential of composite materials as structural elements, the strength and stress distribution of these joints must be understood. ANSYS FEA tool has been performed to investigate the stress distribution characteristics of various configurations of single lap joint. This study was focused on the analysis of stress distribution in three prominent joining methods namely, bonded, riveted and hybrid joints. FEA is used to study the stress distribution in the members involved under various design conditions and various joints failure criteria.


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