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Multisubunit complex eEF1H in human glial tumors: from mRNA to protein

Keywords: translation elongation factor eEF1H , human glial brain tumors.

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Aim. To investigate protein level of all subunits of the eukaryotic elongation translation factor eEF1H (eEF1A, eEF1Bα, eEF1Bβand eEF1Bγ) in glial tumors of human brain in comparison with normal brain. Methods. The eEF1H components content has been investigated in human glioblastoma clinical samples by Western blot analysis. Results. To determine the eEF1Bα, eEF1Bβ and eEF1Bγ content, the polyclonal antibodies against all eEF1H subunits were obtained. The tendency of the eEF1Bγ protein level to increase in glioblastomas was observed. There were no significant differences in the eEF1A, eEF1Bα and eEF1Bβ protein contents. Conclusions. In the previous report we analysed the expression of all eEF1H subunits in human glial brain tumor on the mRNA level. This study showed that eEF1Bγ was overexpressed while no significant changes in other eEF1H subunits were observed. It suggests a possible function of eEFBg which is cancer-related and is not connected with the functioning of eEF1H complex in translation.


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