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Application of Synchronous Dynamic Encryption System (SDES) in Wireless Sensor Networks

Keywords: Deployment knowledge , encryption permutation vectors , power balancing , sensors security primitives , stream ciphers

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Inherent to the wireless sensor networks are the two major problems of the broadcasting vulnerability, the limited computational capability and power budget. Even though security is a must in most applications, current sophisticated security protocols are not amenable to the primitiveness of the sensors. In this paper, we introduce a novel security protocol for wireless network of sensors that is very secure, yet simple and efficient. At the core of our security protocol is a simple and fast stream cipher cryptosystem that utilizes permutation vectors as encryption keys, forcing an intruder to a brute-force time complexity of $Omega(2^n)$. In addition, our mechanism alleviates the effect of sensor capture, via its synchronized re-keying feature. In addition to the encryption efficiency, our system utilizes the group deployment of newly joining sensors for sensors power budgeting considerations. Experimental results show very promising future of our system in the wireless networks domain, excelling over other peers of modern cryptosystems (AES, DES, TripleDES), especially in the power budget arena.


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