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Profile of women treated in the municipal program of treatment of women who are victims of sexual violence in Londrina-PR and the circumstances of the sexual violence suffered by them: from October 2001 to august 2004 Perfil das mulheres atendidas no Programa Municipal de Atendimento à Mulher Vítima de Violência Sexual em Londrina-PR e as circunstancias da violência sexual sofrida: período de outubro de 2001 a agosto de 2004

Keywords: Violência contra mulher , Violência de gênero , Violência sexual , Saúde da mulher.

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Sexual violence is one of the most serious ways of violence that affects women. Considered as hideous crimes, rape and violent assault are characterized by a not-allowed sexual contact. The consequences caused by these acts are: early sexual experience, physical traumas, HIV/STDs infections, unwanted pregnancies to psychic sequels that fit into post-traumatic stress disturb. The purpose of this paper is to bring up the profile of the population treated in the Program of Treatment of Women who are Victims of Sexual Violence – “Rosa Viva” – and the available information that could characterize the incidents in Londrina – PR. This was a descriptive study carried out based on data gathered from 106 records used in the treatments in the Municipal Maternity Ward from October 2001 to August 2004. The characterization points out that: 59,9% are in the age group of 10 to 19 years old; 52,8% look for the service on the first 24 hours after the aggression, when it was necessary to administer the emergency contraception in 54,7% of the women. The isolated rape happened in 50,2% of the cases and the absence of traumas predominated in 56,6%. In general, 58,5% of the aggressors were unknown, although in the age group of 10 to 14 years old, the victim would be able to identify the aggressor. Based on the deficiency of data on the analysis of the records, some important items are suggested to be included in the medical records, considering as fundamental an instrument capable of showing in detail the dimension of the violence against women. A violência sexual é uma das formas mais graves da violência que atinge as mulheres. Considerados crimes hediondos, o estupro e o atentado violento ao pudor caracterizam-se por um contato sexual n o consentido. Os agravos ocasionados v o desde experiência sexual precoce, traumas físicos, infec o pelo HIV/DST’s, gesta es indesejadas até a seqüelas psíquicas que se enquadram no distúrbio do estresse pós-traumático. Objetivou-se levantar o perfil da popula o atendida no Programa de Atendimento à Mulher Vítima de Violência Sexual -Rosa Viva-, e as informa es disponíveis que pudessem caracterizar as ocorrências, no município de Londrina-PR. Este foi um estudo descritivo, efetuado a partir de dados extraídos de 106 prontuários utilizados nos atendimentos, na Maternidade Municipal, no período de outubro de 2001 a agosto de 2004. A caracteriza o aponta: 59,9% na faixa etária de 10 a 19 anos; 52,8% procuraram o servi o nas primeiras 24 horas depois da agress o, e foi necessário administrar contracep o de emergência em 54,7% das mulheres


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