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Matching radiative transfer models and radiosonde data from the EPS/MetOp Sodankyl campaign to IASI measurements

DOI: 10.5194/amtd-3-4497-2010

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Radiances observed from IASI are compared to calculated ones. Calculated radiances are obtained using several radiative transfer models (OSS, LBLRTM v11.3 and v11.6) on best estimates of the atmospheric state vectors. The atmospheric state vectors are derived from cryogenic frost point hygrometer and humidity dry bias corrected RS92 measurements flown on sondes launched 1 h and 5 min before IASI overpass time. The temperature and humidity profiles are finally obtained by interpolating or extrapolating these measurements to IASI overpass time. The IASI observed and calculated radiances match to within one sigma IASI instrument noise in the wavenumber, ν, range of 1500 ≤ ν ≤ 1570 and 1615 ≤ ν ≤ 1800 cm 1 .


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