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Audiology  2012 

Developing and studying of the voice disorder symptoms questionnaire in adults

Keywords: Questionnaire , Voice disorder , Symptoms , Adults

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Background and Aim: Evaluation of voice problem involves perceptual, acoustic, aerodynamic and physiological measure. In recent years assessment of patients point of view use as a essential part of evaluation. The aim of this study was construct a questionnaire for assessment of physical, functional and emotional voice problems in adults.Methods: This study is a kind of constructing battery. Based on a comprehensive study of many foreign questionnaires, "The voice symptoms assessment" questionnaire in adult was produced. Its content validity was determined according to the judgment of 7 speech and language pathologists. This questionnaire administered to 60 voice patients (20 female and 40 male) between 18 to 60 years old that could read and write in Persian. The reliability of this questionnaire is determined by the method of Cronbach Alpha and split half.Results: Content validity index of this questionnaire was 0.94. Cronbach Alpha was high (more than 0.7) and Spearman-Brown coefficient of split half was 0.96. Correlatoin Coefficient was statistically significant between 3 parts and total questionnaire (p<0.01).Conclusion: "The voice symptoms assessment" questionnaire in adult has good content validity and reliability and reflects the wide range of physical, functional and emotional problems in voice patients. This questionnaire is simple for patients to complete and easy to score. It seems that use of this questionnaire, as part of a complete voice evaluation will be helpful in future.


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