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Audiology  2012 

Comparing of Two Farsi Passages in Laboratory Evaluation of Mean and Fundamental Frequency Variations Range

Keywords: Fundamental Frequency , Fundamental Frequency Variations Range , Voice , Laboratory Evaluation , Grandfather Passage , Rainbow Passage

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Background and Aim: Voice disorders assess with the help of laboratory equipments and perceptual evaluation. Voice samples involve vowel prolongation, text-reading or conversational speech. In Iran, Rainbow text and Grandfather text, were developed for assessing voice.Methods: This study was cross-sectional and descriptive-analytical. Mean and fundamental frequency variations range in 120 normal males and females aging from 20-59 years old were studied. Voice samples of reading both texts were gathered and compared.Results: Mean fundamental frequency in males in Grandfather text was 137.93 with SD 1.2 and in Rainbow text was 135.09 with SD 1.1 (p>0.05), in females Grandfather and Rainbow texts were 206.07 with SD 0.9 and 204.23 with SD 2.1, respectively (p>0.05). Fundamental frequency variations range in Grandfather text in males was 88.10 with SD 0.8 and in females was 116.77 with SD 1.3 and in Rainbow text in males was 90.92 with SD 1.1, in females was 116.08 with SD 1.2 (p>0.05). Mean fundamental frequency of males in each text didn't show significant difference in age groups and just in 50-59 age group of the female population showed significant difference. Fundamental frequency variations range didn't show significant difference in males and females in both texts.Conclusion: These two texts were the same in measurement of average and fundamental frequency variations range in adults. Significant difference showed between 50-59 age group of the female population and other groups.


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