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Demografik Farkl l klar n Gücü Verimlili ine Etkisi

Keywords: Lobour force productivity , Hospital , Organization

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Globalization phenomenon is not only effected organisations and shape of managements it is also effected expectation ofcustomers and labourforce by changing and shaping these factors. Anyway organisations are more aware, know what they want,allocate good and bad service and also we are vis a vis to customer structure of giving reaction if it is necessary against to badservice. Therefore all studies in organisation focused on customer. Organisations neglecting customer focused service have gotdifficulties for their life and competition.Customer focused services can secure with employees which are motiveted and has got work satisfaction. Consequently inestablishments with best organized, best facilities but negative employee attitude would be getting reason of bad perception oncustomers, but avarage organization with positive attitude of employee it would be getting customer pleasure.Regarding to enterprises it is occured o concept “Key Efficiency Scale”. This is not enough for measuring all phisical output.Otherwise it is measuring product or services which are big part of company profession. For example some insuarance companiesefficiency of claim service is measuring with number of claims to whom study duration.Hospitals are kind of organisations which have got interaction with public authority and social domination groups. From thisspeciality the management of hospitals also complex and difficult. Althogh speedy population increase, extension of average livingduration, rising of health aware, changing of patients demand, incresing necessity of medical practicing, excessive competition,high technology become widespread of medical area. All these things are reason of that hospital manage importance with effectiveand productive shape. Therefore it is necessitate to secure productivity increasing. It must be firstly doing increasing thelabourforce efficiency.This research realized the aim of determinig which demografic factors effected to hospital employees lobour forceproductivity. Main weight of this research is Afyonkarahisar Kocatepe University Hospital health employees. Total personel are720 but it is reached 457 personel sampling of total personel for this study.It is more difficult to measure labor productivity in service organizations than organizations which produce goods. Researchhas two main variable groups as depended and independed variables. Independed variables of research includes age, sex, marital status, education level, work experience at hospital. Dependedvariables of research includes 30 judgment.Survey form was used at research in ord


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