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Articulation and Hegemony: Tensions between the particular and the universal in the experience of struggle

Keywords: Articulation , Hegemony , Concrete Universal , Articulación , Hegemonía , Universal Concreto

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Difference in the experiences of social struggle, in our country and throughout Latin America and the world, urgently need explication or, as we would say, articulation. However, we are aware that there are dangers in articulating too simple and unfying an account of the great diversity of identities and experiences that characterize current social struggles.We begin by specifying some of our dissatisfactions and disagreements with certain ways of approaching - or avoiding - the problems of articulation and hegemony. We identify those authors who we consider to be central to this subject, and explore their work. We then reflect on our conversations with people who took part in the processes of social mobilization which occurred in Argentina from December, 2001 onwards


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