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Analysis on the Motivations for the Internationalization Operation of China’s Commercial Bank

DOI: 10.5539/ass.v4n9p76

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As the contemporary trend of world’s economic and financial integration has become more and more visible to see, and as the global market opens up day by day, the economy & finance of individual country penetrates into each other. And the interdependence and fusion between them has reached such a degree that each nation has been integrated into the huge world economy category and become an organic part of it. Under such situation, internationalization has developed as the main feature of current world economy, among which the internationalization development of the commercial bank constitutes a very important part. In 2006, the overall-open-up in China’s bank field was realized, while the internationalization operation of domestic commercial bank has also become an inexorable trend. Therefore, the thesis makes an analysis on the internal and external factors for the internationalization operation of China’s commercial bank based on the introduction of internationalization operation theory.


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