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Characterization of Ba1-xNaxTi1-xNbxO3

Keywords: Ceramics , Electrical properties , Dielectric spectroscopy method

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Purpose: The purpose of this paper was characterization of electric properties of polycrystalline nanograin solidsolution of Ba1-xNaxTi1-xNbxO3, x = 0.65 (BNTN65) within the temperature range 153 K-573 K.Design/methodology/approach: The dielectric spectroscopy method (DSM) has been applied to measuredielectric and electric parameters within frequency range from 20 Hz to 1 MHz and within the temperature rangeof diffused ferroelectric – paraelectric transition and above within paraelectric state.Findings: Analysis of temperature and frequency dependences of real (ε’) and imaginary (ε”) parts of dielectricpermittivity and electric modulus provided the new details about specific features of paraelectric properties ofceramic BNTN65 sample. They involve weak relaxational diffused processes as well as dielectric losses. Specifictwo steps increase of ε’ values turned out to be frequency dependent and of thermal activated character.Research limitations/implications: Above specified new details of polarizability of paraelectric phase forceramic sample should be treated as a base for new modelling approach and quantitative description of polarclusters dependence on temperature and frequency.Originality/value: For the first time, details of polarizability of paraelectric phase, which are temperature andfrequency dependent in such specific manner were described.


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