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The influence of wall thickness on the microstructure of bronze BA1055 with the additions of Si, Cr, Mo and/or W

Keywords: Metallography , Size of the grain of microstructure , Width of separates , Multicomponent aluminum bronze , Cast state , Mechanical properties

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Aluminium bronzes belong to the high-grade constructional materials applied on the put under strongly load pieces of machines, about good sliding, resistant properties on corrosion both in the cast state how and after the thermal processing. It moves to them Cr and Si in the aim of the improvement of their usable proprieties. Additions Mo and/or W were not applied so far in the larger concentration, these elements were introduced to the melts of the copper as the components of modifiers. It was worked out therefore the new kind of bronzes casting including these elements. Make additions to the Cu-Al-Fe-Ni bronze of Si, Cr, Mo and/or W in the rise of these properties makes possible. The investigations of the influence of the wall thickness of the cast on size of crystallites were conducted: the primary phase β and intermetallic phase κ and the width separates of the secondary phase α precipitate at phase boundary. It results from conducted investigations, that in the aluminium bronze BA1055 after simultaneous makes additions Si, Cr, Mo and in the primary phase β it undergoes considerable reducing size. The addition W reduce size of the grain phase β in the thin walls of the cast 3-6 mm, and addition Cr in the range of the thickness of the wall of the cast 3-6 mm it favors to reducing size the phase β, in walls 12-25 mm the growth causes it. The addition Mo does not influence the change of the size of the grain of the β phase significantly. The make addition singly or simultaneously of the Cr, Mo and W to the bronze CuAl10Fe5Ni5Si it influences the decrease of the quantity separates of the phase α on the interface boundary and of width it separates independently from the thickness of the wall of the cast. The simultaneous make addition of the Si, Cr, Mo and W it enlarges the surface of the phase κFe, κMo. The make addition to the bronze CuAl10Fe5Ni5Si of the Cr, Mo or W the quantity of crystallizing hard phase κ enlarges and the hardness HB of the bronze raises. The make addition singly the Mo or W, if also simultaneous with the addition Cr reduces their make addition it sensibility on the change of the thickness of the wall of the cast (3-25 mm) guaranteeing the possibly small fall the hardness the bronze about 22-28 HB. More far works over new multicomponent aluminium bronzes will be guided in the direction of the identification of the changes of mechanical properties of studied bronzes under the influence of the thermal processing.


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