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Closed aluminium skeleton casting

Keywords: Cellular material , Porous material , Skeleton casting , Core , AlSi alloy

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In this miclc authors showcd method for rnanuraauring of skeleton castings with continuous cxtcmal surfacc. Wall lhickncss of thcexternal surface was 6 mm. Thc cxprirnental casting was rnanulacturcd in order to verify lhc rcsults of fitling mould cavity which wcreohtaincd by numerical simu tation. Thc alurninosilicarc core was ad to pducc cxpcrimntal aluminum skelaon castings wilhdimensions or (1 15x65~13 6) mm. Expximental casting was manufactured with elevated temperature of mwld (370 K). Luwcr andstotrcd ingalc with high gcting sysicm (300mm) was usd. Analysis of ability of metal to fill rhe mould cavity in esrablish tcchnologicalconditions was jxrfomcd. Dcgm of tclincrncnt OF structure in typicall rcgion of skctcton casting was compared. Qualitative diffccrentdcgrcc of fineness of cuteetic was confirmed. Sclcction of mDdification conditions AlSi alloy of skclcton casting is nmssary.Thc manufacturing af skclcron casting in establish tcchnological conditions enables obtained vcry gdfil ling or mould cavity andsuitable cxtcrnaE gmmctrical form of casting.


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