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Protection of Web User’s Privacy by Securing Browser from Web Privacy Attacks

Keywords: web privacy , history sniffing , browser fingerprinting , web beacon.

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The Internet and World Wide Web being an essential part of everyone’s life, the users have become more conscious about their privacy. The user’s web privacy unfortunately, is not focused much by the current browsers. This paper focuses on the attacks which compromises user’s anonymity, grab user’s private data. It highlights the privacy attacks such as history sniffing, web beacons, browser fingerprinting. We focus on the protection of user’s information which is transferred over the network to the web server without the users consent rather than stealing attempts which fools the user and trap them to install malicious software which perform the theft, using social engineering techniques. A generic algorithm has been proposed in this paper which will stop the attacker from violating privacy. We have proposed a secure way of interaction between browser objects through browser API’S and the JavaScript. We developed an add-on which implements the proposed solution.


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