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An Efficient Reversible Design of BCD Adder

Keywords: Reversible logic , quantum cost , mtsg gate

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Nowadays, Reversible logic plays animportant role in vlsi design. It has voluminousapplications in quantum computing, optical computing,quantum dot cellular automata and digital signalprocessing. Adders are key components in manycomputational units, so design efficient binary codeddecimal (BCD) adder using reversible gates is needed. Itis not possible to calculate quantum cost withoutimplementation of reversible logic. This paper proposea new design for BCD adder that optimized in terms ofquantum cost, memory usage and number of reversiblegates. The important reversible gates used for reversiblelogic synthesis are NOT gate, CNOT gate, Toffoli gate,peres gate, TR gate and MTSG gate


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