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Realistic Approach of Strange Number System from Unary to Decimal

Keywords: Strange Number System , trinary , quaternary , quinary , senary , septenary and nonary

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Numbers play an important role in Mathematics, also in Computer Science. A number is a symbol or group of symbols, or a word in a natural language that represents a numeral, which is different from numbers just as words differ from the things they refer to. A set of numbers in a framework that are represented by numerals in a consistent manner is called number system. In computing the study of number systems is useful to all, as a fact that various number systems are used in computer fields. Some are familiar number system (decimal (base 10), binary (base-2), octal (base-8) and hexadecimal (base-16)) and others are strange number system (SNS). Strange number system is investigated for efficiently describing and implementing in digital systems. In computing the study of strange number system (SNS) will useful to all researchers. Their awareness and detailed explanation is necessary for understanding various digital aspects. In this paper we have elaborate the concepts of strange number system (SNS), needs, number representation, arithmetic operations and inter conversion with different bases, represented in tabulated form. This paper will also helpful for knowledge seekers to easy understanding and practicing of number systems as well as to memories them


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