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Ant Colony Based Approach for Solving FPGA routing

Keywords: Ant colony optimization , FPGA Routing , Ant Satisfiabilty based detailed routing (ASDR) , Boolean Satisfiabilty SAT , IJCSI

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This paper is based on an ant colony optimization algorithm (ASDR) for solving FPGA routing for a route based routing constraint model in FPGA design architecture. In this approach FPGA routing task is transformed into a Boolean Satisfiabilty (SAT) equation with the property that any assignment of input variables that satisfies the equation specifies a valid route. The Satisfiability equation is then modeled as Constraint Satisfaction problem, which helps in reducing procedural programming. Satisfying assignment for particular route will result in a valid routing and absence of a satisfying assignment implies that the layout is unroutable. In second step ant colony optimization algorithm is applied on the Boolean equation for solving routing alternatives utilizing approach of hard combinatorial optimization problems. The experimental results suggest that the developed ant colony optimization algorithm based router has taken extremely short CPU time as compared to classical Satisfiabilty based detailed router (SDR) and finds all possible routes even for large FPGA circuits.


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