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To Identify the Suggestions for Streamlining the Professional Training Programme of the Future Teaching Staff in Romania

Keywords: curricular , training programmes , psycho-pedagogical studies programme , teaching career , professional competences.

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The research, performed in the interval 2010-2011, has an ascertainmentimprovement character. We performed this research taking the following main directions: investigating the trainers’ opinions, on the one hand, and those of these training programmes beneficiaries, on the other hand. As for the trainers, they represent the teaching staff in the departments responsible for training the future teachers within the specialised universities. As for the beneficiaries, in the research they target both the students – as future beneficiaries of psycho-pedagogical training, and the practitioners in education – novice teaching staff. In the research we included among the target groups a third category of subjects, represented by the inspectors responsible for lifelong training. From a methodological perspective, as survey technique, we used the questionnaire-based survey. We administered the survey tools to representative samples of the four target populations, specifying that the sample of school inspectors covers the entire target population that is represented, the questionnaires being administered to the school inspectors responsible for lifelong training in all the 42 counties. Consequently, all the four samples are representative of the target population: TTD students, academic teaching staff within TTD, novice teaching staff in the pre-university education and inspectors responsible for lifelong training. The diversity of structures resulting from the analysis of the target population features allows us to state that the results (information/opinions) obtained on the basis of the questionnaire reflects the opinions of the diversity of situations/ conditions/ socio-educational environments/training levels etc., which characterise the education system.


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