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Resilient Children and Youths Overcoming Risks and Achieving in Life in Arba Minch town of Ethiopia

Keywords: child resilience , child abuse , developmental assets , protective factors , risks to child and youth development , achievements in life , success stories

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The development ecology of Children and youths are not favorable in many parts of urban areas of Ethiopia. There are risk situations in schools, in the community and family environments. Among others, family disintegration for various reasons, in effective schools, as well as poor other social services, and expansion of illegal drugs and movies have made the lives of large number of children and youths vulnerable .Moreover, physical , sexual and labor abuses of children are prevalent in different settings and situations .However , despite the presence of such risk factors against the positive child and youth developments, there are stories of success achieved by children and youths who were once vulnerable and exposed to various types of adversities. Thus, the purpose of this study is to explore developmental challenges and risks to children and youths in the town and protective factories and developmental assets that helped some children to overcome early life difficulties and become successful in their late life. Data from life histories of 30 successful children and young adults, interviews and group desiccations with the concerned bodies indicated that proper socialization, attachment to positive peers and role models, martial, financial and moral supports at appropriate times as well as children’ internal qualities could nurture resilience capabilities in children and youths who are growing in adverse situations. It could also facilitate attaining life goals.


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