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Review for the Volume Southeast European Sovereign Cult and Case of Wallachia. An Artistic Perspective, author Elisabeta Negrau, Lumen Publishing House, 2011

Keywords: Review , Southeast European sovereign cult and case of Wallachia , An artistic perspective , Elisabeta Negrau

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The present review aims to present in a descriptive way the volume of author Elisabeta Negrau. The volume Southeast European sovereign cult and case of Wallachia. An artistic perspective includes narratives about art history in different historical cultural contexts in the Balkans and especially the Romanian one. The volume has three major areas of investigation of medieval imagistic creations, the cultic, the aesthetic and the socio-political one, the author emphasizing the research of Aulic Byzantine, mountainous and Balkan material, focusing particularly on cultic side. The cultural value of the volume consists in the contextual interpretation of medieval art, valuing the sovereign theme and its implications on the social imaginary and collective mentality.


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