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Hierarchical Hybrid Routing Protocol For wireless sensor networks

Keywords: Network Clustering , routing protocol , HRP , Ad hoc Network , ZHLS , sensor network , IJCSI

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Increasing network (WSN) lifetime is a challenge in routing protocol design for ad hoc network, especially in such a network each node (sensor) is powered by batteries, characterized ability calculation and limited storage. Hierarchical routing protocols are best known in regard to energy efficiency. By using a clustering technique hierarchical routing protocols greatly minimize energy consumed in collecting and disseminating data. In this paper we discuss the problem of routing in networks with unidirectional links. We proposed Hybrid routing protocol (HRP) to decrease probability of failure nodes and to prolong the time interval before the death of the first node (stability period) and increasing the lifetime in heterogeneous WSNs, which is crucial for many applications. HRP (Hybrid routing protocol) is a hierarchical protocol based on GPS (Global positioning system). It is similar to Zone-based Hierarchical Link State.


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