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Microseism Monitoring System for Coal and Gas Outburst

Keywords: Coal and Gas Outburst , Microseism Monitoring , Simplex Type , Mining Dynamic Disaster Prediction , IJCSI

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The outburst forecast of coal and gas is a complex system engineering. On the basis of the analysis of microseism monitoring principle, a simplex positioning algorithm for microseism monitoring is designed; a mine microseism monitoring system is established to canalize mine microseism. Mechanism of the error producing and noise reduction measures is studied. We can analyze the data of the microseism monitoring to find coal or rock vibration caused by mining activities. Microseism monitoring system can capture real-time positioning information. It also can timely, accurately monitor and position these microseism events and the mining microseism event, which provide the pressure monitoring, the prediction of gas outstanding and the next step gas coal bed mining monitoring with reference experience.


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