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An Implementation of a Novel Secret Image Sharing Algorithm

Keywords: Secret Sharing , Matrix addition , cryptography

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Visual Cryptography is a new cryptographic technique which allows visual information (pictures,text, etc.) to be encrypted in such a way that the decryption can be performed by human, without anydecryption algorithm. This paper presents the study of the fundamental scheme of Visual Cryptographytechnique and proposes a novel method for sharing of images taking into account the untouched aspects withrespect to the quality of the final image being received by the receiver. The proposed scheme directly focuseson the level of noise interference that deteriorates the final image obtained after decryption process and inturn changing the quality of the original image. The algorithm proposed suggests a novel method for theremoval of noise from the final image and bringing it at par with the original image in terms of quality. Theproposed technique includes for variant form of images including black and white, grey scale and colouredimages. The Secret sharing (SS), which was initially proposed, encodes a secret into n shares. The secret canonly be reconstructed from any k or more shares. Knowledge of k-1 or fewer shares provides absolutely noinformation about the secret. The algorithm can be applicable for any size of image and can reconstruct thesecret image optimally. The proposed scheme includes no matrix multiplication for construction of shares,rather uses matrix addition which reduces the computational complexity. This algorithm is applicable ongray scale, color and binary images.


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