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Inflection Rules for English to Marathi Translation

Keywords: Natural Language Processing , Machine Translation , Parsing , Marathi , Parts-Of-Speech , Inflection , Vibhakti , Prataya , Adpositions , Preposition , Postposition , Penn Tags

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Machine Translation is one of the central areas of focusof Natural Language Processing where translation is done fromSource Language to Target Language preserving the meaning ofthe sentence. Large amount of research is being done in this field.However, research in Machine Translation remains highly localizedto the particular source and target languages due to the largevariations in the syntactical construction of languages. Inflection isan important part to get the correct translation. Inflection isbasically the adding of appropriate suffix to the word according tothe sentence structure to obtain the meaningful form of the word.This paper presents the implementation of the Inflection for Englishto Marathi Translation. The inflection of Nouns, Pronouns, Verbs,Adjectives are done on the basis of the other words and theirattributes in the sentence. This paper gives the rules for inflectingthe above Parts-of-Speech.


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