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Non-Specialized File Format Extension

Keywords: Steganography , CAD , Metadata , Compatibility.

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The study expands upon previous work in format extension. The initial research purposed extraspace provided by an unrefined format to store metadata about the file in question. This processdoes not negatively impact the original intent of the format and allows for the creation of newderivative file types with both backwards compatibility and new features. The file format extensionalgorithm has been rewritten entirely in C++ and is now being distributed as an open sourceC/C++ static library, roughdraftlib. The files from our previous research are essentially binarycompatible though a few extra fields have been added for developer convenience. The new datarepresents the current and oldest compatible versions of the binary and values representing thescaling ratio of the image. These new fields are statically included in every file and take only afew bytes to encode, so they have a trivial effect on the overall encoding density.


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