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Plagiarism: Problem, Behaviour and Reduction

Keywords: Plagiarize , Markov Chain , Slabbing

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Plagiarism has been troubling academic world since long.With the invention of electronic resources like internet inrecent times, it has become easier and more accessible forstudents than ever before. Practice of plagiarism bystudents has resulted negative consequences in theacademic field, and university teachers are now facingproblems that are more challenging. This has led to theproduction and submission of assignments and researchworks that are not properly referenced and cited or, worsestill, are those that are being submitted which are partly orcompletely written by someone else. This paper examinesthe issue of plagiarism by nursing students and academicsin Indian universities and highlights how electronicdevelopments such as the internet and word processinghave made it easier. It describes the plagiarism & its types.Moreover, we have proposed a model to analyze plagiarismbehavior and we also discussed some techniques, throughwhich, one can reduce plagiarism.


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