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Oceánide  2010 

Beara – Breifne – Compostela : derrota, huida y exilio de la nobleza de Munster.

Keywords: O Sullivan , Beara , Irish School , Santiago.

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By 1602 the old Gaelic Clan order in Ireland was being overturned. The Irish and Spanish coalition had been destroyed by the Forces of Elizabeth I and the English forces advanced westwards towards the territory of Donal Cam O Sullivan Beare. Forced to abandon his strongholds at Dursey and Dunboy, O Sullivan fled his territory together with four hundred fighting men and six hundred camp followers including porters, servants, women and children. He hoped to find refuge with his ally O Rourke at Leitrim castle over three hundred kilometres to the north. Though the story of O Sullivan's march is one of the epics of Irish history, little is known of his life as an exile in Spain and his involvment in the founding of the Irish College at Santiago de Compostela. While O Sullivan was welcomed and supported in Spain because of his loyalty to the Catholic forces in the international conflict between Catholicism and Protestantism, and was looked after generously by Philip III, the English were worried by his presence in Spain and he was eventually killed by a double agent in Madrid on the 16th of July 1618. This paper examines the latter years of O Sullivan's life on the Iberian peninsula.


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