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Body features and growth dynamics of two rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) varieties, Irideus vs. Palomino

Keywords: Rainbow trout , salmonids , body features , growth dynamics

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Due to diversification of salmonid species which are farmed in Romania, the aim of this studywas been to determine the production performances of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss), Palominovariety, compared with the clasical variety – Irideus. Analyzing the body weight of both varieties at theend of experiment, was recorded a very significant differences (d=16.11 g; p<0.001) in favor of theirideus Variety. Also, very significant differences was recorded regarding other morphological characters(Tl-d=0.93 cm, p<0.001; Sl-d=0.88 cm, p<0.001; Cl-d=1.07 cm, p<0.001), favorable for Irideusvariety. Growth indices showed also favorable values for Irideus variety (TG:d=16.05 g, p<0.001;ADG:d=0.041 g, p<0.05). Regarding the body form indices, the differences between the two varietieswere generally insignificant, except Fullton Condition Factor (K:d=0.06; p<0.001), this presentingfavorable values for Palomino variety, respectively Meat indices 2 (Mi2:d=0.44; p<0.05), being favorablefor Irideus variety.


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