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Studies of Atmospheric Aerosol’s Parameters during Pre-Diwali to Post–Diwali festival period over Indian Semi Arid Station i.e., Udaipur

DOI: 10.5539/apr.v4n2p40

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The paper describes day to day changes observed in atmospheric aerosol’s parameters namely AI300, AOD550, a, TWC, b and MC from their background reference day value over Udaipur during Pre to Post-Diwali period from 2002 to 2007. Before Diwali to Diwali, daily variations in such aerosol’s parameters values show the substantial increase order of 30- 60% from their respective background. Afterward Diwali, such change in AI300 shows the decreasing behavior, in sharp contrast to this, daily variations in AOD550, b and MC exhibit either lower value or attain the same peak value depending upon the corresponding level of TWC and rainfall activity of that particular year. These variations are not instantly but with certain delay in the same period. A considerable amount of implication in aerosols loading is observed in terms of reduction in SHWRF from 20-30% during the enhancement period of aerosol’s parameters. However, DSWRF does not show any appreciable change. The main possible causes of increase in aerosol's loadings within above period are discussed in views of inter mixed effect of local emission activity and long range transport of aerosols from heavy polluted IGP site and in reduction of PBL height and wind speed.


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