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Enhancing Performance of TCP in Multihop Networks

Keywords: TCP , Multi hop network , congestion window , contention window , RTT measurement

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It has been observed that TCP suffers from poor bandwidth utilization and extreme unfairness in wirelessenvironment, and the utility of TCP in the multi-hop IEEE 802.11 network has been seriously questioned.The high transmission errors and varying latency in wireless channel would have a seriously adverseeffect on the performance of TCP. Thus, a novel cross-layer approach with joint congestion andcontention window control scheme and a probabilistic approach for RTT measurement is proposed toimprove the performance of TCP in multi-hop networks. The simulation results show that proposeddesign provides a more efficient solution for frequent transmission loss and enables TCP to distinguishbetween congestion loss and transmission errors, thus to take proper remedial actions to improve TCPperformance in multi-hop network by setting optimal congestion window and updating the window onlyduring congestion.KEYWORDS


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