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El pastor del ser, el último hombre y la condena; Encuentros y desencuentros entre Nietzsche, Heidegger, y Kafka

Keywords: Kafka , Nietzsche , Heidegger , nihilismo , escritura , hombre , Kafka , Nietzsche , Heidegger , nihilism , writing , man

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Who rules? Fate, or chance? Why the Being, and not, rather, the Nothing? Fake question, just answered by God. Calculus thinking. How is possible think the nihilismus? Is this the last what for? For Kafka, writing is get back not to prehuman nature, but to mankind in statu nascendi. For Nietzsche, be a human being is want to be the dark side of human. For Heidegger, the human is the poem, the fall of the promise that rules the world: everything will be meaningful.


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